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Meet the Team

A Family of Workers




Isabelle grew up on the family farm where her father raised cattle. Since then, she has worked for organizations such as the Institute for Population and Public Health. She then entered the environmental sector where she was able to work in urban farming and start up a collective garden for low-income families. This experience has taught her that small gestures made at the individual level can greatly improve our collective lives on this earth.
This line of thinking brought her back to the family farm, where, since 2011, she and Ryan have worked hard to create a thriving ecosystem.


Ryan Spence


Ryan worked in the film and video industry in Montreal and, upon meeting Isabelle, decided that it was time to make a change in his life path. He was looking for something that aligned more with his ethics. 
As a farmer, he strives to grow the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious food he possibly can. While doing this, he hopes to build a community around the farm, to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, address issues of local food security and, last but not least, have fun!

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